Top 3 Boutique Vendors You Should Have In Your Inventory

Top 3 Boutique Vendors You Should Have In Your Inventory

Let’s face it, every boutique old or new could always use something fresh and exciting to amp up their sales and overall image. When you own a boutique (or plan to own one) you want to stay up to date with all the hottest and latest trends, of course, you can do very well with just one vendor or maybe you have multiple.


 But, the point is you can never have too many vendors for your boutique. The more vendors you have, the easier it is to keep up with ever-changing trends! Give your customers what they want chile.


I have been in the fashion industry for years and I’ve dibbled and dapped in pretty much every field of fashion. From working at some of the hottest fashion brands, Express, New York & Co, Chico’s and, on to modeling, wardrobe styling, and of course owning my very own brands and boutiques.


Through trial and error, I have become very experienced and knowledgeable in fashion as a whole, and I am now ready to share some of the juice and secrets.




I have put together 3 of my top favorite must-have boutique vendors. Alibaba, SHEIN, Alliexpress, etc, are all fine & have much variety but adding these vendors to your boutique will provide your boutique with a unique touch and amp it up x 100 for sure.




  1. Rehab Lab


Rehab lab provides chic and exclusive pieces you aren’t likely to find anywhere else! They sell up-to-date pieces and do a great job of honing in and keeping up with today’s ever-changing trends. You must create an account in order to access wholesale. Adding Rehab Lab to your boutique will give a rare personalized brand feel to your business.





  1. Motel Rocks


I discovered Motel Rocks early on in my fashion journey. Motel rocks never ceased to amaze me with their superb cohesion season by season looks; vintage, edgy, and fierce is what’s given! Once you’ve signed up to buy wholesale with them, they’ll send you preseason line sheets with so many exclusive pieces you’ll rave with anticipation for these pieces to drop and ship out.




  1. Good Time USA

 Good Time USA is a favorite of mine! I’m putting the girls on with this one. Good Time USA sells all the sexy must-haves! If you’re anything like me, you love to look good and show off your figure. Well, this wholesaler does just that, an exquisite fit for every special occasion. In order to shop wholesale with Good Time USA, you must create an account and be approved.




See, no matter which one you explore out to be your fav, these 3 wholesalers are exclusive must-haves for your boutique! If you want to take things to the next level, these 3 won’t steer you wrong, it’ll only enhance your business.

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